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Founded on March 19, 1981, the Spacecoast Chapter has a great history advancing HVAC/R on the Space Coast and in East Central Florida. Peruse this page, click on image thumbnails, read through articles, and look back on the work done by this Chapter.

Spacecoast Chapter Past Presidents
1980-1981: Harry C. Fisher 1991-1992: Carter Quillen 2003-2004: Mark Terrone
1981-1982: Lyle Houser 1992-1993: Brian Curtin 2004-2005: Curtis Smart
1982-1983: Raymond E. Patenaude 1993-1994: Don Shirey III 2005-2006: David DaSilva
1983-1984: Larry Curvin   1994-1995: Mosby West 2006-2007: Philip Thomas
1984-1985: Alan Sanford 1995-1996: Kevin Riley 2007-2008: Laing Conley
1985-1986: Marvin Yarosh 1996-1997: Bill Ruppert 2008-2010: David Poetker
1986-1987: Omar Hancock 1997-1999: Dave Johnson 2010-2012: Kevin Messer
1987-1988: Hardy Moore 1999-2000: Bill Ruppert 2012-2013: Jeanne Jackson
1988-1989: James Poulin 2000-2001: Kannan Rengarajan 2013-2014: Scott Seigel
1989-1990: Bernard Moltz 2001-2002: Jade Rymkos 2014-2016: John Constantinide
1990-1991: Henry Healy 2002-2003: Brian Blenis 2016-2017: Denny Bowers

Original Chapter Charter Members

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2011 Chapters Regional Conference (CRC)
San Jose, Costa Rica

Barcelo San Jose Palacio, where CRC was hosted by Florida West Coast Chapter

The building in the center of the picture was where we held the caucus and business meetings (which made it tough to focus!)

From left to right: Delegate from Brazil, Jeanne Duce, 2011-2012 Society President Ron Jarnagin, Roberto Aguilo (Argentina Chapter), and Kevin Messer
Scenery of Costa Rica

2011-2012 Society President Ron Jarnagin Visits Spacecoast Chapter and FIT Student Branch


Membership Promotion Nights & Microbrewery Tours
October 17, 2012, at Charlie and Jake's,
Melbourne, FL
November 12, 2013, at Intracoastal Brewing Co.,
Melbourne, FL

John Constantinide presenting about ASHRAE membership

Chapter members touring the microbrewery at Charlie and Jake's


Photos of Intracoastal Brewing

Jeanne Duce and Jason Alphonso (2011-2014 Region XII Membership Promotion
Regional Vice Chair (RVC)) enjoying the evening

Another great turnout for the microbrewery tour

2014 ASHRAE Spacecoast Chapter Golf Tournament to Benefit ASHRAE Research
Friday, May 9, at Duran Golf Club, Viera, FL

Golfers posing in front of tournament hole sponsors

2014 Chapter Awards Presentation
May 13, 2014, at Tuscany Grill, Melbourne, FL

John Constantinide awards a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the Society to Scott Seigel for his service as Chapter President

John Constantinide awards Brian Blenis a Certificate of Appreciation from the Chapter for his service as Chapter Treasurer for over 5 years

Spacecoast Chapter Takes Part in Central Florida Chapter Planning Meeting
July 25, 2014

John Constantinide and Oscar Acevedo in front of the Eola House after taking part in the Central Florida Chapter Planning Meeting


John Constantinide and Krista Taylor, Central Florida Chapter's Membership Promotion Chair, in front of the Eola House

2014 CRC
Jacksonville Beach, FL

Sunrise at Jacksonville Beach outside of the CRC venue
Beautiful scenery of Jacksonville Beach outside of the caucus and business meetings

John Constantinide presents the Spacecoast Chapter Report at the conference's business session
Live band on the beach veranda during cocktail hour before the CRC Dinner

John Constantinide with a Gold Coast Chapter Member at the CRC Dinner

Lunch by all Chapter delegations and Regional Officers prior to the Regional Awards Ceremony

2014-2015 Chapter Technical Seminars

September Technical Seminar
September 9, 2014, at Heritage Isle Club, Viera, FL

Michael Sheerin, PE, LEED AP BD+C, presents on ASHRAE Standards 170 and 189.3.


John Constantinide meets with Florida Technical College, Kissimmee Campus Student Branch Vice President Reynaldo Dejesus Figueroa, and Student Member Esteban Rivera after the meeting.

October Technical Seminar
October 14, 2014, at Heritage Isle Club, Viera, FL

John Constantinide thanks ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Victor Goldschmidt with a Certificate of Appreciation and small treat.


Spacecoast Chapter mingles after the technical presentation.

November Technical Seminar
November 11, 2014, at Heritage Isle Club, Viera, FL

David John, former ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, speaks about specifying air terminal units.


John Constantinide thanks David John with a Certificate of Appreciation.

January Technical Seminar
January 13, 2015, at RS&H Merritt Island Office, Merritt Island, FL

Mark Tozzi presents to a full audience on chilled beams.

February Joint Technical Seminar with the Society of Military Engineers (SAME) Space Coast Post
February 10, 2015, at Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty, Cocoa Beach, FL

Kevin Messer presents to a 60-person joint seminar on variable refrigerant flow technology.


John Constantinide thanks Kevin Messer with a Certificate of Appreciation and a SAME Post Coin.

April Technical Seminar
April 14, 2015, at TLC Engineering for Architecture Cocoa Office, Cocoa, FL

John Constantinide thanks Gary Kreuger of TLC Engineering for Architecture for sponsoring the seminar.


John Constantinide presents technical speaker, Dr. Michael West, Ph.D., P.E., with a certificate of appreciation.

May Joint Technical Seminar with USGBC Brevard Branch/Central Florida Chapter
May 12, 2015, at BRPH Headquarters, Palm Shores, FL

Mike Hess, P.E., LEED AP, Amy Pastor, P.E., LEED AP, Greg Romanczyk, P.E., LEED AP, and Joseph de Armas, P.E. of exp presented on energy modeling.
John Constantinide presents the technical speakers with certificates of appreciation.

2014-2015 Chapter Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Nights

October YEA Night
Dinner with the DL, Meg O' Malleys, Melbourne, FL

John Constantinide with YEAs and Dr. Victor Goldschmidt, ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer

November Joint YEA Night with the SAME Young Members (SAME YMs)
Young Engineers Mini-Golf, Golf 'N Gator, Cape Canaveral, FL

ASHRAE YEAs and SAME YMs take a photo with the golf course's boa

January ASHRAE-SAME Microbrewery Tour
with Spotlight Feature on YEAs and SAME YMs
Florida Beer Company, Cape Canaveral, FL

2014 ASHRAE Spacecoast Chapter Bowling Tournament
& Research Promotion Night
Tuesday, December 9, at Shore Lanes, Merritt Island, FL

Bowlers competing in the ASHRAE lane

2015 ASHRAE Annual Conference
Atlanta, GA

John Constantinide has dinner with Jennifer Isenbeck (2013-2016 Region XII Director and Regional Chair (DRC)) and Gerardo Alfonso (2014-2015 Region XII Electronic Communications RVC)

The Chapter joined ASHRAE Regions XII and IV for a great dinner at Pittypat's Porch Restaurant

2015 CRC
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

John Constantinide accepts the following awards on behalf of the Spacecoast Chapter:
The President's Award of Excellence with Special Citation from Jennifer Isenbeck (2013-2016 Region XII DRC), left photo;
The CRY-OH-Award (Chapter Refrigeration of the Year) from Debie Horsey (2014-2015 Refrigeration RVC), for Michael Constantinide's work, center photo; and
Best Chapter Technology Transfer Chair from Jennifer Isenbeck for his own work, right photo.

2015-2016 Chapter Technical Seminars

September ASHRAE-ASME Technical Seminar
September 8, 2015, at Tuscany Grill, Melbourne, FL

Andrew T. Holden, PE, presents on energy savings with permanent magnet motors.


Andrew Holden answers questions from the audience.

October ASHRAE-ASME Technical Seminar
October 13, 2015, at Tuscany Grill, Melbourne, FL

ASHRAE Distinguished Dr. Kishor Khankari, Ph.D., explains the goal of data center cooling.

November ASHRAE-ASME Technical Seminar
November 10, 2015, at Tuscany Grill, Melbourne, FL

John Constantinide thanks Society President David Underwood, P.Eng., FASHRAE, CPMP, for presenting to the Chapter with a Certificate of Appreciation.

April ASHRAE-SAME Technical Seminar
Featuring the ASHRAE Webcast
March 24, 2016, at Courtyard by Marriot, Cocoa Beach, FL

ASHRAE and SAME members view the ASHRAE Webcast.

2015 ASHRAE Society Presidential Visit

Chapter Board of Governors Dinner with Society President David Underwood
November 8, 2015, at Marisol Restaurant, Crowne Plaza Melbourne Oceanfront, Melbourne Beach, FL

The Chapter Board of Governors with Society President David Underwood after dinner.

Society Presidential Reception
November 10, 2015, at the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), Cocoa, FL

Society President David Underwood and FSEC engineers dialogue with students about engineering solutions after the Presidential Theme speech.

John Constantinide thanks attendees for attending the reception.

2016 ASHRAE-ASME-SAME Microbrewery Tour
Refrigeration and YEA Night
January 13, 2016, at Playalinda Brewing Company, Titusville, FL

Members across three professional societies toured the microbrewery, networked, and raised funds for the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) Solar Decatholon team. Most of the team consist of ASHRAE Student Members, charter members of the ASHRAE ERAU Student Branch.

2016 ASHRAE-SAME Meeting with Distinguished Lecturer Dr. Bruce Hunn
September 15, 2016, at Courtyard by Marriott, Cocoa Beach, FL

Dr. Bruce Hunn receives the SAME Space Coast Post Coin from Post President Lt. Col. Jason Glynn, USAF.

2017 ASHRAE Society Presidential Visit
January 19, 2017, at Tuscany Grill, Melbourne, FL

Society President Tim Wentz presents his Presidential theme, goals, and progress to the Chapter.

2017 ASHRAE-ASME-SAME-USGBC Microbrewery Tour
April 11, 2017, at Hells n Blazes Brewing Company, Melbourne, FL

Chapter members tour the microbrewery.


Student Branch History

Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) Student Branch
Click here to view more information about the Student Branch.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) Student Branch
Click here to view more information about the Student Branch.

Florida Technical College, Kissimmee Campus Student Branch
Click here to view more information about the Student Branch while in the Spacecoast Chapter.


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